Instructions For Contacting Your Congressional Representatives

SEA encourages all federal career executives to take the time to communicate with their Congressional Representatives as frequently as possible. Representatives need to know they have career federal executives watching legislation that affects the career corps.

This guide has been prepared to help SEA members connect with their Congressional Representatives.

Important Note: It is not a violation to contact your Member of Congress as a constituent as long as it is on "your own time and your own dime." Please make sure to work on your letter on personal time, and from your personal computer or device, and to send correspondence from your personal email account. 

Congressional offices value hearing from constituents and take seriously constituent correspondence they receive, whether in writing, via telephone or in person. The issues offices hear most about from their constituents often become central issues on which a member focuses. Conversely, if members do not hear the input of constituents on certain issues, such as those affecting federal workers in general or the Senior Executive Service in particular, members will be unlikely to speak out or take action on these issues.This guide and sample letter will help you contact your Representatives in the House and Senate.

Your Representative in the House and his or her contact information can be looked up at Contact information for Senators is available at

It is advised that you contact your Representatives and Senators electronically through their email systems.Postal Service mail is not recommended due to lengthy processing times in Congress. When writing, be sure to include your full contact information, including mailing and email address, to ensure a response can be sent to you. You can also contact your Representatives' offices directly via phone, or be connected to them by the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121.

A draft letter focusing on SES and federal workforce issues accompanies this guide (click here to download the letter in Microsoft Word's .doc format. You can easily customize it with your name and pertinent information). The draft letter is a guide, and you are free to edit, add, and subtract from it as desired. However, keep in mind that the letter should highlight the fact that you are a constituent, remain concise and straightforward, convey a respectful tone, include a specific request, and ask for a response.

If you would like SEA to submit this letter (either as is or with your edits) on your behalf to your Congressional Representatives, please email your name, mailing address, email address, and home telephone number to with "Write Congress on my Behalf" in the subject line. If you have customized the letter, be sure to include either an attachment of the letter to the email or the text of the letter in the body of the email.

If you would like assistance or have questions, please contact SEA at 202.971.3300.


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