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Morning of Reflections

Peter Zimmerman leads the discussion with Distinguished Executives

The SEA Professional Development League sponsors an annual Morning of Reflections Breakfast for recipients of the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive, held in partnership with Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

In contrast to the celebratory nature of the Association's black-tie banquet honoring the winners, the Morning of Reflections is convened to bring the Distinguished Executives together to reflect upon their careers and experiences.

The event has continued annually (with different topics each year) since the first gathering in 1997. It is led by Peter Zimmerman, Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education and Program Development at the Kennedy School.

Three monographs have been published, "Reflections of Presidential Distinguished Rank Executives." The first, published in 1999, chronicles the first two mornings; the topics are Ingredients of Executive Success and Grooming the Next Generation, and Career Political Relations. The second, published in 2003, chronicles the third through the sixth sessions; the topics are True Leadership - What It Means, What It Requires, and What It Confronts; Transitions; Lessons Learned; and Problems and Prescriptions.  The third, titled "The New Normal?," was published in 2013 and details the discussions of 18 of the 46 2012 Distinguished Rank Award winners; the topics are the on-going budget crisis, sequestration cuts, and how to meet the agency's mission and produce the results expected while doing so with reduced resources.


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