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DEAN's List

The Distinguished Executives Advisory Network (DEAN) was established by SEA's Professional Development League in 2015 to make the experience and expertise of individuals who have been recognized for their excellence through receipt of the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive or Distinguished Senior Professional, available for the advancement of government effectiveness, efficiency and improvement. This cadre of individuals is referred to as the "Dean's List."

These executives' extraordinary achievement and documented leadership accomplishments make them uniquely qualified to provide objective, impartial and sound advice on the most pressing government problems. The network was established to utilize their views and advice, as well as enable them to connect with each other.

To become a member, eligible individuals must submit an email request with current contact information to SEAPresident@seniorexecs.org.

Organizations and individuals, whether in government or academia, who wish to secure the assistance of the Network may do so by requesting, for example, a roundtable or focus group with DEAN's List members or that a survey be distributed to them. Such requests should be submitted to SEAPresident@seniorexecs.org.

The DEAN charter may be reviewed by clicking this link, and a information flyer can be viewed here.


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