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SEA's 2016 Presidential Transition Guidance and Resources

A Handbook on Presidential Transition for Political Appointees

As part of the hand-off from one administration to the next, the President-elect will have upwards of 3,800 political appointments to fill over the next few months. SEA PDL’s Handbook on Presidential Transition for Political Appointees offers best practices and insight to streamline the process of integrating political appointees into the career Federal workforce. It outlines the SES personnel and the pay and performance systems and includes career executive’s perspectives and recommendations.

A handbook on Presidential Transition for Federal Career Executives

The transition webinar series is being complemented by the production of a Handbook on Presidential Transition for Federal Career Executives, providing written guidance, best practices, and lessons learned, as well as links to key transition references. SEA PDL is releasing sections of the Handbook as they are developed throughout the year rather than awaiting the completion of the webinars. It will build, update, and revise the Handbook as new material becomes available and feedback is received. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

SEA Offers Valuable Advice to New Appointees: Career Executive are Key to Your Success

To support the transition to a new Administration in 2008, the Association prepared two resources designed to enable minimizing the time it takes for the career/political team to function well and enable the administration's agenda to be met. The first document, "The Political Appointee's Challenge," provides specific advice on the do's and don'ts of the career/political relationship. The second document, "The Senior Executive Service: A Management Primer" describes the basics of the SES system and the responsibilities of, and flexibilities available to, political appointees who supervise career Senior Executives.

SEA Releases 2008 Message to President-Elect

On November 12, 2008, SEA released a white paper for the new Administration's transition. The paper provides a comprehensive package that explains the issues affecting career executives and provides recommendations that were made in attempts to enable the Obama Administration to meet its objectives through partnership with the career executive service.

View the Transition Paper

View the Press Release

SEA President's Op-Ed Urges Administration to View Executive as Resource

On November 5, 2008, SEA's President wrote an op-ed, published on, detailing how the next Administration should embrace career executives as the vehicles to meet their objectives. Ms. Bonosaro argues, "No Administration would think of entering office without already having established a firm and positive 'handshake' with the nation's top military brass...exactly the same approach is needed with career civilian executives."

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