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Why SEA is Working with the Government Freelance Exchange (GOVFLEX)

SEA and GOVFLEX have a collaborative agreement intended to help create an agile and highly effective 21st Century workforce, acquisition system and e-Commerce initiatives. The agreement supports SEA’s Communities of Change and provides assistance to SEA members through the digital marketplace, which is the first gig economy platform dedicated solely to the U.S. public sector.

SEA and GOVFLEX work together to promote the Federal government’s transition to a new “Liquid Workforce of the Future Model.” Activities include assisting career executives in their transition from government service, as well as facilitating ease of entry of subject matter experts into programs throughout the Federal sector.

 About the Government Freelance Exchange (GOVFLEX)

GOVFLEX provides a full-service e-Commerce platform matching government agencies and contractors with the best independent experts they need for a short-term project. GOVFLEX provides leading digital matching services to those who serve in government, the military, as well as the businesses and independent experts who support them. The company was created to streamline the process of acquiring talent quickly at highly competitive prices, while promoting compliance and ease of use.

Why Members are Interested in GOVFLEX

GOVFLEX provides SEA members with client support to help create member profiles during registration. The company is also highlighting those profiles in a new SEA senior executive category for premium clients. The marketplace will also provide SEA members with a platform for career transition assistance programs, such as identifying post-retirement options or when leaving Federal service mid-career.

The GOVFLEX team of experienced professionals has created a next generation solution for the future of work. Registration is easy and free. Government agencies and contractors purchase subscriptions to join the marketplace and gain access to independent experts and consultants.

Whether you are a Government contractor , independent consultant or expert or work in a government agency, click here to learn more.