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COVID-19 Virtual Resources

COVID-19 Virtual Resources


During this new normal of working from home, virtual meetings, and upended schedules, it can be a stressful time. Teams are developing new ways of working and collaborating, managers need to find new ways to connect with employees, and everyone needs an extra dose of resilience. One way to do this is by remembering to take time to focus on your needs - this might be as simple as setting up new routines, but could also mean getting some advice, tips, and tools to help you and your colleagues weather these unprecedented times.

SEA reached out to its Corporate Advisory Council partners to roundup the webinars and resources that you can take advantage of today. These are largely free resources, so we encourage you to check them out and identify the tools and ideas that resonate with you.

NextGen Summit 2020 Goes Virtual 

The NextGen Government Training Summit will be held virtually over two days on August 19-20, 2020.  Click Here to Learn More


Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund:

Financial Help and Other Resources for Feds Dealing with COVID-19

SEA wants to be sure our members know how to receive help and access resources through the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA), the only 501c3 charity by and for federal civilian employees. We encourage you to share this information with other federal employees and contact FEEA with any questions at

FEEA is assisting federal employees during the coronavirus pandemic in three specific ways:

  1. Providing grants up to $500 to feds earning less than $50,000/year, and no-fee, no-interest hardship loans of up to $1,000 to feds earning over $50,000/year, who have exhausted available leave and have LWOP due to their own or a family member’s serious illness with COVID-19.

Feds with salaries under $50,000/year may be eligible for a $500 grant/$500 loan combination. The salary limit for grants may be expanded if additional funding becomes available. Application is through the loan program and grants will be offered to qualified applicants.

More information and application link at

  1. Providing bridge grants to spouses and/or children of federal employees who have passed away due to COVID-19. Family members, HR representatives, or Union/Association leaders can email FEEA at emergency@feea.orgfor more information.
  2. Providing a resource page for federal employees at: .The page is updated and added to regularly and currently covers the following areas:

· Federal Employee Resources

· Public Health Institution Resources

· Federal Agency Resources for All Americans

· Federal Sector News and Other Resources

· Managing Anxiety, Stress, and Isolation

· Telework Tips

· Educational Resources for Elementary and Middle School Students

· Educational Resources for High School Students

· Navigating Financial Struggles

· Ideas to Help Pass the Time


Arbinger Institute

As the world begins to settle into current circumstances, many organizations are left to question "How do we move forward right now?" This webinar series will discuss common challenges that organizations may be facing as they orient themselves to their new way of working and reimagine roles.

Webinar Series Beginning May 6th, Beyond Bold: Leading in the New Frontier 

This series will broadcast at 1:00PM ET/10:00AM PT. To participate in this limited webinar series,register here . Even if you can't attend live, register to receive a recording of the webinars after their broadcast.


The Clearing

June 19, 2020 starting at 8 am, Feedback, when done properly, can lead to huge increases in employee engagement. Join The Clearing for a virtual, half-day, interactive training on how to deliver and receive constructive feedback.

Resources and Toolkits for Virtual Environments

Like many organizations, The Clearing is adapting how we operate and interact with one another and our clients. As we're learning, we are documenting our successes and failures in order to add to our collective knowledge as a unified community. Below you'll find our current best thinking in the form of blogs and downloadable toolkits.

TeamResults USA

The next Wednesday Webinar will be on Wed 10th June on Maintaining humor and good mental health in a team.  The themes come from senior leaders – some of them your own members – and this one covers the role of humor and mental wellness for leading teams.  How do you maintain levity and good mental health in a team?  It's one of the things that characterizes great leaders, but it can be hard to do.  Luckily this is not a new problem, and there are leading people and organizations willing to share their secrets  - even in very stressful environments.  Their ideas and successes offer useful tips for working leaders.

Harvard Kennedy School

The Harvard Kennedy School has created a resource center for public sector practitioners on government response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Topics include crisis leadership, digital response, infrastructure, elections, etc.


COVID-19 Public Sector Resources curated by the Ash Center

Public Policy Insights & Solutions

Twenty Things for Organizational Leaders to Know about COVID-19 as of March 13, 2020


Management Concepts
Blog: Virtual Communication Tools for Federal Employees

Blog: Seize Your Opportunity for Growth – Federal Employees Working from Home

Webinar: Mindfulness and Meditation in Times of Crisis
BIG Region XI Regional Training Conference Virtual | May 16, 2020


Governments’ response to COVID-19 - From pandemic crisis to a better future
Combating COVID-19 with Resilience – Resource Library

The heart of resilient leadership: a guide for senior executives


Grant Thornton

WATCH: Effective leadership in managing a crisis

Webinar, April 23 - How to define and respond to fraud risk during COVID-19



Does my Life Insurance cover COVID-19?

Presidential Management Alumni Association

Couchella is a high-tech lunch and learn for alumni, current fellows, and federal employees designed to give you new tools that are going to be especially useful during this time of increased social distancing and remote work.



The OECD has created a COVID policy platform bringing together OECD knowledge, analysis, facts and data to shed light on a range of economic and social topic areas (health, education, employment, economics, finance, development, etc.) and to produce recommendations for policymakers. The growing set of reports, policy briefs and data analysis are on –