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SEA Testifies on Capitol Hill

During a busy week, Senators took time for a fruitful discussion on improving federal workforce efficiency

Last week, president of the Senior Executives Association (SEA), Bill Valdez, testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management, at a hearing on empowering management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal workforce.

In response to the productive exchange between members of the committee and the panel of experienced career federal employees, Valdez issued the following statement:

“I am pleased and heartened by today’s hearing, which underscored the committee’s dedication to not only addressing the challenges facing today’s federal workforce, but to actively finding innovative solutions to modernize and enhance how the federal government operates in service to the American people.

house of representatives hearing bill valdez

“While much was discussed, SEA is keenly focused on four areas where we unequivocally agree with the committee.

“First, the federal government must streamline the hiring process to ensure that we are attracting and recruiting top talent to carry out the vital mission of each agency and department.

“Once these highly skilled individuals join the federal workforce, it is imperative that all employees, but especially managers and executives, obtain the training that they need to be successful in their positions. For superior employee performance, individuals must be given the tools necessary to achieve that goal.

“Additionally, in order to compete with our private sector counterparts in global war for talent, we must improve leadership development programs so that the government has a robust talent and leadership pipeline at all levels. Giving employees the tools to succeed is the first step, the next is to provide them with the opportunity to grow and continue to thrive in more challenging positions.

“Finally, we must modernize and expand how we assess performance management and address risk-reward trade-offs. Our current system disincentives innovation and measured risk taking.

“SEA looks forward to continuing these discussions and working with Chairman Lankford, Ranking Member Heitkamp and the rest of the committee and their staffs. I’m confident our shared commitment to public service will enable us to both improve federal operations and propel the federal government to become the model employer that American taxpayers deserve.”

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