SEA President Releases Statement on Passage of Continuing Resolution

Today, both the Senate and the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December. In response, Carol Bonosaro, President of the Senior Executives Association, issued the following statement:

“While Congress has once again managed to narrowly evade yet another crisis, this patchwork fix won’t last for long. Federal agencies have already spent millions of dollars and countless man hours preparing for a government shut-down and will have to revisit this issue again when Congress takes up the budget in December.

In recent years, the budget and threat of a shut-down has become a power play for political gain. It comes at the expense of taxpayer dollars and of government employees who rely on Congress to do their job so these employees can go about their business: maintaining a functioning government. This is a misuse of government funds and resources, and only serves to undermine agency missions and erodes the public’s confidence in government.

As we prepare to revisit this subject in the coming months, I urge members to consider those they are most directly affecting. For the government to function efficiently and effectively, it is imperative that our Congress do so as well.”

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) is a professional association representing Senior Executive Service members and other career federal executives. Founded in 1980, SEA’s goals are: to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the federal government; to advance the professionalism and advocate the interests of career federal executives; and to enhance public recognition of their contributions. The SEA Professional Development League (PDL) is a nonprofit educational organization committed to advancing the professionalism of career federal executives through the sponsorship of training, recognition, and research activities.