SEA hosts a regular schedule of webinar sessions on topics of interest to our membership. The sessions - on a variety of topics from interviewing for SES positions to managing poor performers to whether Medicare Part B is necessary for Federal retirees - have been very successful. In response to a previous session on testifying before Congress, several participants commented:

"A lot of valuable advice in a short period of time. Thanks!
"This was an excellent call with very relevant and helpful information. In the regions or field offices, Senior Executives may be asked to provide testimony before State or Tribal legislative bodies, or during public hearings. Executives can use this guidance in those circumstances as well as to ensure productive testimony while making a positive reflection on his or her agency and the Senior Executive Corp."

Sessions can be attended in person at the SEA office (77 K Street NE, Suite 2600, Washington DC) or via webinar. They are announced in Member Alerts (so be certain SEA has a current e-mail address on file for you), as well as in ACTION. Have an idea for a webinar? E-mail it to Jason Briefel or call 202.971.3300.

For SEA members who are new to the SES or who are SES candidates (and any other members who may wish to attend), a free 2 hour session entitled, "What's So Different About the SES Anyway?" is held twice each year. The session covers rights and responsibilities, benefits, job protection and limited appeal rights, fallback rights, pay for performance, mobility and the 120 day rule. This material is not covered in OPM's SES orientation sessions.

Executive Coaching is a members only benefit and is intended to help cultivate your executive skills. Still, you may have some questions. Check out the most common questions that we're asked below, or download a copy to print and take with you.

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