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SEA membership dues distinguish between active (currently employed in the federal government) and retired executives (those who have left government service). Active dues are $299 annually or $12.50 per pay period when paid via payroll withholding (available in almost all Executive Branch agencies). For a member paid at the Executive Schedule III pay cap ($165,300), their annual dues of $299 represents approximately two-tenths of one percent of their salary. At the average Executive Schedule salary, 3.5 hours of work pay for a year of SEA membership.  For those paying $12.50 per pay period via payroll withholding, membership is only 89 cents per day. Retiree dues are $103 annually. Lifetime memberships are available for $1,795 for active members and $945 for retired members.

The following table compares SEA membership dues to the dues of comparable associations (figures accurate as of March 2014). Associations are listed in order from those with the highest dues to those with the lowest.

Dues listed below
Organization Dues
... ... ...
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
(If SEA set its dues this way, a capped SES in an uncertified agency would pay $2479 annually in 2011.)
  1.5% of salary
American Psychiatric Association (7+ years in practice)   $575
National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU)
(GS 15 (10) - in all cases, national plus local dues)
Chapter 282 (FDA)
Chapter 280 (EPA)
Chapter 208 (NRC)
American Dental Association
(dentist in private practice, incl. assessments)
American Medical Association (3+ years in practice)   $420
American Association of School Administrators (Superintendents, Assts. & Deputies)   $436
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Sole practitioner)   $415 plus $65 initiation fee
American Bar Association (10+ years in practice)   $399
American Federation of Government Employees (GS 15 (10) - average total dues, including local dues which vary)   $364-$416
American Society of Association Executives (Assn. Chief Executive)   $325
Senior Executives Association ($293 annually, or $12.50 per pay period times 26 pay periods)   $293-$325
American Psychological Association ("Basic" dues)   $247
American Pharmacists Association   $249


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