During our early years, SEA had a large number of chapters–at one time as many as 40–representing our members in different agencies or geographical areas. However, over the years, that number has dwindled, so that now only a handful engage in any activities or even elect officers.

The reasons are several:

  • SES is no longer a new system - it's now over 30 years old - and many of the original fears and problems have disappeared (although new ones are always emerging)
  • The original chapter founders have long since retired
  • Our present members are being asked to do many more things by their departments and agencies, with smaller staffs and budgets, and they are just too busy to lead a chapter
  • President Bill Valdez communicates with our members directly via email through his "Member Alerts," making it less necessary for chapters to disseminate news about the SES and SEA
  • There is great fragmentation in what was formerly the "supergrade" corps, resulting in less commonality among senior executives in specific geographical areas, with local Federal Executive Boards serving as alternate meeting places for executives in these areas

The following is a current list of chapters that are functioning sufficiently to be called still "active" and lists of our highly supportive members who have agreed to serve as SEA representatives or contacts in their individual agencies or departments or geographical areas.


Army Scientific and Professional (Army STs)
Dr. Bruce J. West
Chief Scientist Mathematics
Army Research Office

Board of Contract Appeals Judges (BCAJ)
Judge Harold C. "Chuck" Kullberg
Administrative Judge
Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP)/Defense Leadership and Management Program (DLAMP)

Christofer Collins

Greg Sisson

Marjorie Lutz
Outreach Coordinator

Merissa Larson

Department of Veterans Affairs
Sallie Houser-Hanfelder
Director, Truman Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Deborah A. Thompson

Vice President for Membership
Medical Center Director, VA Medical Center

Robert Neary, Jr.
Director, Service Delivery Office

Agency Representatives

Department of Agriculture
Dr. Craig Morris
Deputy Administrator, Livestock, Poultry and Seed Program 

Department of Energy
James Durant
Chief Counsel
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Science - Chicago

Melody Bell
Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Resource Management)
Office of Environmental Management
U.S. Department of Energy

National Labor Relations Board
Richard Ahearn
Regional Director, Region 19 (Seattle)

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Philip R. Hertz
Deputy General Counsel
202.326.4020 x3055

Regional Chapters


Dr. Walter A. Kovalick, Jr.
Assistant Regional Administrator for Resources Management

Western Ohio

Thomas S. Wells 
Director, 711th HPW, Air Force Research Laboratory
Material Command
Wright-Patterson AFB


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