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SEA is the professional association for career leaders across the federal government. SEA believes that senior career leaders are an untapped resource and should be connected and empowered to improve the functioning of government, solve critical national challenges, and enhance the public’s trust in the Federal government.

SEA supports the SES, and those in the leadership pipeline, by providing the tools, trainings and connections they need to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing society. Through strategic connections, insight into cutting-edge practices and resources, career advancement tools, and thought leadership, SEA helps its members build a “Leadership Profession” within the federal government to ensure that the experience of senior career leaders is used in new ways to promote a stronger and more effective government.

SEA provides a variety of services for members; But, at the end of the day, SEA is a way for leaders across government to support each other, engage on a broad set of issues, and to further the mission of public service now and for the future.

The following lists many of the ways SEA assists its members:

Innovative Practices, Programs and Policy Development

News & Research

Career Advancement

  • Identifies experts across government to help members tackle challenges and identify opportunities – SEA members can reach out to current and retired senior executives for advice and expert guidance on a range of topics
  • Career Planning & Help Guides – whether members are in the leadership pipeline or already experienced Senior Executives, SEA has access to expert career advice to help members achieve their goals
  • Mentoring – SEA offers flash mentoring and can connect members to longer-term mentoring opportunities
  • Coaching – SEA and its partners offer 1:1 coaching and peer to peer coaching
  • Career Opportunity Board – Members looking for a detail, needing a detailee or new employee, or who are interested in a rotation or a new position, this platform lets them connect with other members across government
  • Strategic Networking – connect with SEA members, partners and others across government through a membership directory, social events, Communities of Change and the PRA Summit
  • View additional offerings from SEA’s Professional Development League – SEA members receive discounts on PDL trainings, resources, and events

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