The Governance Innovation Community of Change


Dan Chenok, IBM Center
Jeff Salmon, DoE
Tammy Tippi, DHS
Valynn Westfall, Navy

Vice Chairs

Mika Cross, DoL


The Governance Innovation Community of Change (Governance Innovation CoC) is established by the Senior Executives Association (SEA) and is led by SEA members. The Governance Innovation CoC, within the limits of this Charter, and under the supervision of the SEA Board of Directors, works collaboratively with SEA members and key stakeholders to develop programs and policies that improve the overall effectiveness of senior executives and other leaders within the Federal government.

The Governance Innovation CoC is designed to be a secure platform from which SEA members and key stakeholders are able to effectively collaborate. The overall goal is to create an environment where SEA members and stakeholders are confident that their opinions are valued and will be included as part of the overall SEA Strategic Direction.

SEA members who participate in the Governance Innovation CoC will do so in his or her individual, non-official capacity, not while on duty, unless otherwise authorized by his or her employing agency. None of the reports, studies or other work products of the CoC are to be viewed as official SEA documents until approved by the SEA Board of Directors.

Focus Area

The CoC will promote tools and methods that enable effective change management within the Federal government, including an effective performance management system; provide stakeholder input into Agency Reform Plan efforts; and, examine government regulations and processes that inhibit the ability of career leaders to be innovative and encourage entrepreneurship.


  1. Provide a forum where SEA members and key SEA stakeholders can network and engage with one another professionally.

  2. Inform the SEA Board of Directors about important policy issues affecting the Governance Innovation community.

  3. Provide a platform from which SEA members can learn about Governance Innovation practices and programs that will enable members to be more effective in their jobs and careers.

  4. Produce reports, studies, and other products that are educational for SEA members and help inform SEA’s Strategic Direction. 

  5. Develop a long-term strategy that sustains the Governance Innovation CoC’s activities and programs.

Governance Innovation CoC Leadership & Membership & Structure

The Governance Innovation CoC will be co-chaired by two SEA members, one of whom must be a current career SES. The SEA Board of Directors will make the initial appointments of CoC co-chairs, who will serve 2-year terms. Following these initial appointments, the membership of the CoC will vote at the SEA Annual Conference for new chairs on a biannual basis.

The co-chairs are encouraged to seek relationships with associations and other groups that share a common vision and mission to the Governance Innovation CoC. The co-chairs will recruit CoC membership from the following sources:

  • SEA Members
  • SEA Associate Members
  • SEA Rising Leaders
  • SEA Corporate Partners
  • Governance Innovation Associations & Special Interest Groups

Governance Innovation CoC Meetings and Reporting

The CoC will meet at least quarterly and will provide regular updates to the SEA Board of Directors about activities and progress toward CoC goals. An official Governance Innovation CoC business meeting will be held during the Annual SEA Conference.

Governance Innovation CoC Resources

SEA will provide the CoC with resources to function, including an online collaboration platform that enables members to participate remotely.

Other Provisions

The Cyber CoC will operate within the following guidelines:

  • The CoC cannot represent official SEA or PDL policy without the prior consent of the SEA Board of Directors.
  • The CoC is not authorized to collect, expend or commit SEA resources without the prior consent and knowledge of the SEA President.
  • All reports and other work products created by the CoC are non-binding on the SEA until the SEA Board of Directors officially approves those work products.


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