First SEA President, General Counsel Retires from Practice

From the April 2007 issue of ACTION.

On February 27, colleagues and friends of G. Jerry Shaw gathered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. to celebrate his retirement from Shaw, Bransford, Veilleux & Roth. Shaw, who helped found SEA in 1980, and served as its first president, founded the law firm in 1982 and became SEA’s General Counsel, later serving as Senior Counsel.

As General Counsel, Shaw represented the Association lobbying on behalf of career federal executives before Congress, testifying before committees and drafting letters to lawmakers and agency administrators - working to advance SEA’s legislative priorities.

SEA's then-president Carol Bonosaro spoke at the dinner on behalf of the Association, praising “Jerry’s vision, his work on the Hill, his deep commitment to the career executive service (which) left a lasting legacy of tremendous accomplishment – ...the last move home for Senior Executives relocated during their careers, beneficial provisions enacted in the FERS retirement system legislation, fall back rights for executives caught in a reduction in force, increased agency bonus pools, reimbursement of executives and managers for half of the cost of their professional liability insurance, restoration of the Presidential Rank awards to their original value, and much more.

None of this would have happened without him – and the career executive service owes him a major debt – as do I for being able to follow him in a most rewarding job.

As a deacon in the Catholic church, he’s now doing the Lord’s work, as we say, but he was doing it before as well.”

Bill Bransford, SEA’s current General Counsel, said of Shaw, “It has been my honor to practice law with him for the past nearly 24 years. I have learned much from him and I hope I can play a small part in continuing his legacy of commitment to federal employees and his dedication to federal executives.”

“Jerry Shaw's whole life has been one of dedication - dedicated as a helicopter pilot to his country; dedicated to the citizens of the United States while at IRS; dedicated to SEA, to the Public Employees Roundtable, to the Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund ,dedicated to his church by becoming a deacon, to his law firm and its clients and always dedicated to his family,” said SEA Board member Marylouise Uhlig.

In addition to his work with SEA, Shaw was the founder in 1982, of the Public Employees Roundtable, a consortium of 27 associations, which represent government managers and professional employees. He served as Board Chairman and President from 1984-2001 and remains on the Board as a member.

He also founded in 1984, the Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund, a charitable and educational organization that provides assistance to federal employees, their dependents and survivors.

Art Newburg, who served on the SEA Board from 1991 until 1994, said, “"Jerry Shaw was a master advocate for good government and for the interests of career civil servants. He is highly respected because he always argues from a carefully reasoned basis of fact. It has been a great honor to work with him.”


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