The Official Senior Executive Service Flag

fullsizeflag2Designed in 1988, the SES flag was developed under the direction of then Senior Executives Association Board of Directors member Clyde Jeffcoat, a Senior Executive in the Department of the Army. The Army Office of Heraldry reviewed the design, and it was subsequently approved in 1989 by the Office of Personnel Management for production and sale as the official SES flag, which SEA has registered as a trademark. The design includes the SES insignia (a keystone), which is explained below; additionally, the thirteen gold stars surrounding the SES symbol signify the original thirteen colonies.

On May 18, 1990, the Assistant Commissioner for Quality and Contract Administration, General Services Administration, confirmed that the Federal Supply Service views the SES flag as an item of personal decoration in an executive's office, similar to the U.S. flag or an agency flag. To quote the letter, "the SES flag is eligible for agency issuance and remains in the office as property belonging to the U.S. government."

What the SES Insignia Represents: The SES insignia or emblem at the center of the design represents a keystone – the center stone that holds all the stones of an arch in place. This represents the critical role of the SES as a central coordinating point between Government's political leadership which sets the political agenda and the line workers who implement it. Members of the SES translate that political agenda into reality. The upright lines in the center of the keystone represent a column in which individual SES members are united into a single leadership corps. There is no particular symbolism to the number of lines, which has varied over the years with different iterations of the logo. The SES insignia can not be modified and may only be used for official Government business.

Source: The Office of Personnel Management


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