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Webinars (presented annually)

"Retirement: It's a Lot More than the Money" Packed with exercises, this webinar is a results-oriented, interactive workshop and will help you answer such questions as: "What are my options at this stage in life?" and "What is the psychological impact of the transition from a full time career to a new job or a new phase of life?" Attend and overcome fears as you network with other professionals facing the same challenges and leave prepared for success rather than dreaming about it!

The agenda covers 1) Finding an Environment that Meets Your Needs and Suits Your Preferences, 2) Identifying Elements of The Work or Activity You Love, and 3) Creating a New Network In Your Area of Interest

Peter Sherer, former HHS executive and Deputy Director of The President's Commission on Executive Exchange, and now the CEO of Experience Matters (the Executive Transition Experts) serves public, private, and non-profit executives and senior professionals. Their mission is to help senior executives design a working life they love. Their clientele include senior executives throughout Government, including the Department of Defense, EPA, the Commerce Department, IRS and the US Postal Service

"Medicare Part B: Do You Need It?" Whether you're retired or soon to be retired, you will eventually face a decision - whether to enroll in Medicare Part B and pay a premium in addition to that for your FEHBP insurance. So that you can make an informed decision, Malcolm Gaskins and Gayle Nelson, Account Executives with the Federal Employees Program, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, present a 1 ½ hour session, explaining how Medicare Part B works with your Federal health insurance and the factors you should consider in reaching a decision.

"Making the Most of Your Federal Benefits in Retirement" Mike Miles, Federal Times' financial expert and the SEA's Financial Planner in Residence, hosts this 2 hour session which covers the Thrift Savings Plan; life, health and long term care insurance; the annuity survivor benefit election; FERS special retirement supplement; CSRS voluntary contributions; the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision; as well as Social Security and Medicare. Rather than the basics, it will provide members with higher order insight into these resources and strategies for using the rules and options of each to their best advantage.

"Managing Your TSP Account in Retirement" As a TSP Account owner near or in retirement, you are a juicy target for scam artists. In fact, some of the biggest brokerage, mutual fund and insurance companies have your TSP account clearly in their sights. Their goal is simple: to find ways to turn your retirement savings into their profits. Variplan Principal Advisor Mike Miles knows, because he used to work for one of those companies and can tell you from experience that they define success in terms of how much money they can extract from their customers, rather than how much wealth they can create for them. Rolling over your TSP account in retirement can be one of the biggest financial mistakes you'll ever make.

SEA's Financial Planner in Residence Mike Miles presents a concise, informative webinar that every TSP investor near, or in, retirement should attend. You'll learn about the alternatives to the TSP and their pros and cons, the tactics used to try to rob you of your savings, and the reasons why the TSP is superior to just about every other alternative out there.

"Financial Intelligence" series Also led by Mike Miles, this series explores and explains topics that are essential to the financial success of every Senior Executive. Each one-hour, second Tuesday of the month lunchtime session typically includes a review of the investment market with advice for managing your portfolio, in-depth coverage of one or more key topics, and an opportunity for live questions and answers.

The slides from past presentations of these webinars are available to SEA members in the members-only section of the website.

Discount on services with Variplan

Members receive one free hour of financial planning services and a one time $200 discount for a portfolio review from Variplan, LLC. SEA's financial planner, Mike Miles, is Variplan's founder and principal advisor and regularly receives glowing reviews from members who have used his services. Among his credentials are:

• Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) licensee
• Registered Employee Benefit Consultant®
• 5-Star Advisor® (The Paladin Registry)
• America's Top Financial Planners® (Consumer's Research Council)
• Licensed insurance consultant


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