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Webinar Series: Strategies and Best Practices for Managing the Transition to a New Administration - A Webinar Series of Guidance for Career Senior Executives

 Wednesday Dec. 7 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.


The dates and topics of the remaining two webinars are as follows:

Click here for links to recordings and slides from the previous 5 webinars.

Webinar 6 - December 7, 2016 - “How to Engage Effectively and Support New Political Leadership” - New appointees will begin arriving on January 20. Whether with regard to a new head of agency, an immediate political supervisor, or a Schedule C assistant to an appointee, career executives need to develop new relationships and prove themselves. Career executives and former political appointees will offer advice regarding steps to take to have the best chance of success.

Panelists: Dan Blair, President of NAPA; Stan Meiburg, Acting Deputy Administrator, EPA. Others TBA. Moderator: Carol Bonosaro, SEA President Emeritus.

Virtually all of the activity around, and planning for, the 2017 Presidential transition is focused on incoming political leadership – the policies and management reforms they will pursue and the preparation which is desirable for them to be effective in their new positions. At the same time, although many current career Federal executives have not experienced a Presidential Transition at the level of their current positions, little or no attention if being given to:

• The role of the career SES and Senior Professionals in providing institutional memory and maintaining program leadership during the transition;
• Best practices for career executives in managing the transition process during the year leading up to – and during - a change in Administration; and
• The perspective and approach most likely to ensure the career/political team works well as early as possible in a new Administration.

The SEA PDL Distinguished Executive’s Advisory Network has developed a webinar series on these topics which will constitute – and culminate in - a practical guide for the career executive corps on:

• What to expect during all phases of transition; the opportunities and pitfalls of transition; and lessons learned from seasoned Senior Executives who have been through Presidential transitions at the SES level
• The role of career executives in the transition; what they can and should begin to do now, right before the election, between the election and inauguration, and after the inauguration - to prepare for the transition and position themselves and their new political appointees for success in their own, and across, organizations.
• Advice for those in acting political positions regarding managing until new political leadership is on board.



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