The Senior Executives Association is viewed as the authentic and responsible voice of the career executive corps, representing the interests of the career Federal executive corps, including members of the Senior Executive Service and those in equivalent systems. Because they are in very different personnel systems than the vast majority of Federal employees, with very different rewards and risks, many of the issues affecting their careers are unique and are only addressed by SEA. As resources permit, SEA also addresses from time to time issues which affect the civil service as a whole.

SEA concerns itself with those issues that affect the career executive service as a whole, neither representing individuals nor acting in any manner that would adversely affect the relationship between career executive and his/her agency. With regard to these issues, the Association weighs in on legislation before the Congress, corresponding and meeting with Members and their staffs and presenting testimony before congressional committees. SEA also addresses regulatory and policy implementation issues within the Executive Branch, including with the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management, as well as individual Departments and agencies. The Association has always maintained a strictly non-partisan stance.

When deemed necessary, the Association undertakes legal action, however, SEA does not represent cases involving individual members, with the sole exception of those which represent an issue which, if left to stand, could affect the corps at large; since SEA was founded in 1980, there have been fewer than half a dozen such instances.

SEA has compiled fact sheets on SES issues including compensation that have been periodically updated throughout the past few years:

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