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SEA is a professional association representing the interests of career federal executives. Members include professionals in the Senior Executive Service, Senior Level (SL) and Senior Professional and Technical executives (ST), Boards of Contract Appeals judges and their equivalents. There are members of SEA from all 50 states and overseas, and 65 percent work and reside in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Members, on average, earn an annual salary of $166,025 (the average SES salary as found in the FY 2012 Report on Senior Executive Pay for Performance released by OPM). Action is the only publication in existence that can claim exclusive distribution to the federal executive corps. In addition to nearly 2,500 SEA members, Action is distributed to members of Congress, local media, donor corporations and friends of the association.

Action is published on a monthly basis and is mailed to members of SEA within the first week of each month. Closing date for camera-ready artwork and insertion orders is 5:30 p.m. on the first of the month preceding the issue the ad will be placed in (i.e., an ad for the October issue is due September 1).

You'll be in good company if you decide to advertise in Action. Our list of current and past advertisers includes: Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, GEICO, Hertz, Holiday Inn, book publishers, financial planners, Government agencies and a variety of law firms and consultants.

Contract and Regulations

Note These contractual regulations are provided online merely as a guideline and do not constitute a binding, legal contract for advertising in Action. If you are interested in advertising, please contact us for a full advertising kit and contract.

  • Closing Dates: Closing date for camera-ready artwork and insertion orders is the first of the month for the month preceding the issue the ad is to be run in (i.e., an ad for the October issue must be submitted by September 1). Cancellations must be in writing and are not accepted later than one week past the closing date.
  • Payment Terms: Payment must be received within 30 days of receipt of a tear sheet. All advertisers agreeing in advance to multiple issues must pay the full balance with receipt of the first tear sheet.
  • Late Fees: Any advertiser not paying the full balance of their contract within 30 days of receipt of their bill will be subject to a late fee equal to five percent of the unpaid balance of the contract. The five percent fee will accrue on a monthly basis until payment has been received.
  • Returned Checks: Advertisers are subject to a $25.00 fee for bad checks.
  • Approval: All advertising is subject to SEA's approval. SEA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement, insertion order or contract at any time. SEA will not accept advertising promoting educational opportunities which target the federal executive community and are in direct competition with SEA PDL events. Determinations may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Conflicts: SEA will not be bound by any condition -- printed or otherwise -- appearing on contract orders or mechanical instructions that conflicts with set SEA advertising policies. Responsibility: Advertisers must assume responsibility for obligations to their agents or representatives.
  • Errors: The liability for any error for which SEA may be held legally responsible will not exceed the cost of the space.
  • Discounts: Frequency rates are determined by the number of insertions and must be approved and confirmed by SEA at the initiation of the contract. Multiple insertion discounts will be given only when a set number of insertions is approved by SEA and paid for in advance by the advertiser.
  • Insurance: Advertisers are responsible for obtaining insurance on all film and mechanicals stores by SEA or its vendors. Advertisers agree to hold SEA blameless for any losses to such stored materials.
  • Delivery: All materials must be delivered to SEA in camera-ready form. SEA will not accept mechanicals that require additional typesetting or stripping. Any special treatments, such as color separations, will be billed as an additional charge to the advertiser.
  • Placement: SEA cannot guarantee special positioning; however, requests will be noted and accommodated whenever possible. (Note: no paid advertising may appear on either the front or back cover.)

Contact information

To receive a full advertising kit, including past issues of Action and a personalized contract, please contact:

Brionne Griffin
Digital Content Manager

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2017 Advertising Rates

Below are the current prices per insertion for 2017 as of January 1, 2017. (dimensions are width x height)
Full Page $995 $825 $715
1/2 Page $525 $445 $365
1/4 Page $315 $260 $215
1/8 Page $155 $135 $105

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions are width x height.
Full Page 7" x 9.75"
1/2 Page (horizontal) 7" x 5"
1/2 Page (vertical) 3.5" x 9.75"
1/4 Page (horizontal) 3.5" x 4.5"
1/4 Page (vertical) 1.75" x 9.75"
1/8 Page (horizontal) 4.5" x 2"
1/8 Page (vertical) 2.25" x 4"

Download a PDF version of the ACTION rate card with more complete information.


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