Marc Owen, Director of Membership

Marc OwenMarc Owen, SEA member, entered the Senior Executive Service in 1991 and after nearly 32 years of Federal Service retired in September 2004 as the Chief Counsel of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC) in the Department of Transportation (DOT). Owen was extensively involved in program and policy development and management in addition to his legal responsibilities. He has long-term experience in Federal personnel, equal employment opportunity, labor-management relations, and employee ethics and conduct matters. He also has extensive experience in regulation formulation, drafting, and promulgation.

Previous to SLSDC, Owen worked in the DOT Environmental, Civil Rights, and General Law Division and served as the DOT Deputy Ethics Official. Before that, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard General Law and the Regulations and Administrative Law Divisions. Owen also served for the White House as an Assistant General Counsel of the Viet Nam era Presidential Clemency Board.

While at DOT Owen was also directly involved in the development of significant DOT programs and policies including: development and management of the DOT ethics program; maritime and post 9/11 transportation safety policies and programs; the DOT-wide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy and program; and the DOT Diversity Work Group and the Secretary's Diversity Advisory Council. He was Staff Director for the Congregational mandated Task Force on Assistance to Families of Aviation Disasters.

Owen serves as Director of Membership for the Senior Executives Association. As Director of Membership, Owen is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members.

Owen holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs degree from the University of Maine and a Juris Doctor degree from the University Of Maine School of Law.


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