Mission & Values

Since its founding, SEA has had as its mission to:

  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the federal government.
  • Advance the professionalism of career executives.
  • Advocate the interests of career federal executives, especially members of SEA.
  • Enhance public recognition of the contributions of federal career executives.

Statement of Values

The career executive corps provides leadership and skills to accomplish the work of the federal government effectively and efficiently. SEA acts as the voice and advocate for the integrity of the corps. To this end, SEA actively supports a federal career executive corps that:

  • Exhibits the high degree of competence essential to effective government, both in providing continuity and in meeting the challenge of change.
  • Upholds the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics and exhibits a strong commitment to public service.
  • Is committed to quality service to the American public.
  • Responds to policy direction while ensuring fair and impartial treatment of all citizens consistent with our laws and the Constitution of the United States.
  • Recognizes a community of interest among career executives government wide and an institutional identity of the corps.
  • Promotes opportunities for mobility within and among agencies and with other sectors and does not limit career executives' opportunities.
  • Maintains and enhances its management skills through continuing professional education and development, and works to ensure professional development for peers and subordinates.
  • Is recognized and rewarded for demonstrated excellence, and promotes recognition and rewards for all federal employees who attain excellence in the public service.


Business Hours

The Senior Executives Association is
available 8.5 hours a day during normal business hours.

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm 
Weekend: Closed

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