SEA's Legislative Accomplishments

Over the last decade, SEA's involvement on policy issues affecting the SES has been instrumental in raising the profile of Senior Executives and driving the conversation in Congress on SES policies. Through extensive outreach and education efforts to Congress and the Administration, SEA has a significant voice in policy discussions that cover a range of issues, including pay reform, diversity in the SES, hiring reform, and career leadership.

SEA remains the only voice for the SES and equivalent systems addressing issues with the administration, Congress, and where appropriate, public opinion. As Congress continues to push legislation that would negatively impact Senior Executives, SEA is successfully blocking many of the most harmful proposals and countering with positive legislation to strengthen the career senior leadership corps and government operations.

The following are just a sampling of the recent legislative successes that SEA has achieved.  For a list of less-recent accomplishments, click here.

Civil Service Recognition Act

SEA led a coalition which was successful in securing enactment of the Civil Service Recognition Act in December, 2011, which authorizes the head of an executive agency to give a flag of the United States for an individual who was an employee of the agency, and dies of injuries in connection with such individual's employment with the Federal Government, suffered as a result of a criminal act, an act of terrorism, a natural disaster, or other circumstance determined by the President.

Successfully Prevented STOCK Act Internet Posting Provision

On August 2, 2012, SEA joined an ACLU lawsuit as the lead plaintiff seeking an injunction to block the internet posting provision for certain financial disclosure forms. SEA's continued work in the lawsuit and with Congress led to multiple delays in implementation of the provision until Congress ultimately voted against the provision taking effect on April 2, 2013.

Secured Introduction of the SES Reform Act

SEA was successful in securing support and co-sponsors for introduction of companion legislation in the 112th Congress that addresses pressure points within the SES system and offers solutions for strengthening the career senior leadership corps.

Secured Passage of Legislation to Credit FERS Employees for Unused Sick-Leave

SEA was instrumental in introducing the concept for this legislation to Rep. Moran (D-VA) and then working with Members of Congress to secure passage of this legislation.

Pushed Legislation to Allow Agencies to Reemploy Annuitants without Penalty to their Annuity

SEA worked with relevant House and Senate Committees to ensure that this legislation passed as part of the FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act.

Protected Senior Executives in Whistleblower Reform Legislation

SEA worked closely with Senator Collins (R-ME) and the Administration to craft an acceptable compromise to ensure that jury trials were not included in the final version of the whistleblower reform legislation.


SEA successfully fought to provide SL/STs with the same benefits enjoyed by members of the SES. These included:

Getting SL/STs the Right to be Considered for and Receive Presidential Rank Awards

Prior to 2001, SL/STs were not eligible to be considered for the Presidential Rank Awards. SEA introduced legislation to amend the law, which was passed in 2001 and went into effect in 2003. SL/STs are now eligible to be considered for the awards in the same manner as members of the SES.

Lifting the SL/ST Leave Cap

In early 2008, the President signed into law the 2008 Defense Authorization Act. Inserted in this bill was a provision offered by SEA that lifted the SL/ST Annual Leave Cap to the same level as that for the SES. SL/STs can now accumulate up to 90 days (720 hours) of leave each year.

Ensuring SL/STs Receive 8 Hours of Annual Leave per Pay Period

Another provision pushed by SEA that brought SL/STs to the same level as the SES and allows SL/STs to accrue 8 hours of annual leave per bi-weekly pay period.

Lifting the SL/ST Pay Cap

In late 2008, SEA was successful in working with Congress to pass legislation to lift the SL/ST pay cap. The pay cap for SL/STs is now at Level II for a certified agency, up from Level III of the Executive Schedule.

For a list of less-recent accomplishments, click here


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