SEA Releases White Paper "A Review of the Federal Career Executive Corps"

SEA Releases White Paper "A Review of the Federal Career Executive Corps"

Federal career executives are currently facing enormous challenges as they attempt to effectively manage government programs under exceedingly constrained and uncertain budgets. Increased congressional scrutiny of their management activities coupled with a perceived lack of support and appreciation from Administration political leadership for the difficult work they do are also contributing to an increasingly stressful and risk-averse atmosphere facing career senior executives and professionals. In the midst of these challenges, senior career managers have endured a three year pay freeze and increasing pay compression relative to their subordinates, substantially reduced funding for awards paid to outstanding performers, suspension of their Presidential Rank Awards recognition program, and increasing attacks on their employment security. For these reasons it is not surprising that career executives and professionals are choosing to retire or seek employment in the private sector with greater frequency rather than continue to work in a system they believe does not support or reward their efforts – and in some cases seems to deprecate their value as leaders.

SEA is very concerned about the negative impact of these circumstances on both the career executive corps as well as the nation, including the American public who relies heavily on its government for a wide variety of critical services and programs administered by career executives and professionals. For this reason SEA has produced this paper entitled, "A Review of the State of the Federal Career Executive Corps" in hopes it will influence the Congress, the Administration and political leadership in federal agencies to work with SEA to create legislation, policies and practices that better support, compensate and recognize career executives and professionals and the mission-critical work they perform.

Click here to read the full white paper.


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